Penthouse Pets and Playboy Playmates

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Sex, and Sexy.




skudaarkaat1 says:

Bump this sissy shit! Have a full-contact NUDE tackle football game between the Penthouse Pets and Playboy Playmates on Pay-Per-View and? charge, say, $29.95. I personally know of 39 people already who’ll watch!

Er Bilioner says:

yeahhhhhhh? bitch yeahhhhhhhh :)

SeanAndersonThe9th says:

Now? that’s how you shake it..

juniortavae says:

Im only 12 and I’m watching this. cool ..?

gamespyers says:

who is the girl at? 1:32

datingfactorynews says:

her ass? looks hot i like it!

clubmateagenda says:

Vote for your favorite? playmate at ClubMateAgenda and see who is the most favorite playmate since 1953.

neil pasquale says:

great all? i dateis mostly bunnys and penthouse pets.

keycode13 says:

what’s name of first girl? in the movie? Or where i find that movie complete?

Alvin Tostig says:

That’s not a very kind thing to say. I would normally give you an answer to your inquiry but you must first tell? me you’re sorry for being so disrespectful.

JRC3034 says:

stfu, preacher man. Besides,? if you’re a recovering porn addict, why would you watch this?

Calvin Kuo says:

Holly!? I am purely speechless!

ThePrashant252 says:

what a? sexy

ThePrashant252 says:

what asexy?

Alvin Tostig says:

It pains me to believe that a whole bunch of the folks one sees in this video (& many others like it) are going to be cast into hell when their time in this world is up.

As for myself, I’m a recovering porn addict so it’s not like I’m on a high horse here. Best do like me folks, get right with The Lord before it’s too late & fight with all? your might that perverted demon inside your soul that keeps you returning to this immoral & vile vomit called porn!


2011playboycalendar says:

go? to: playboycalendar net

MrNoahsark1 says:

super hot chicks? – great music – great job!!!

GirlSweetSammy says:

Why guys alterior motives is to bone as many girls as they can?? post comment in my channel and let me know.

MrBDC2009 says:


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